The Mountain Buggy Urban was the original 3 wheel off-road/jogging pram. Over time Mountain Buggy has improved on the design and the most recent result is the Urban Jungle Evolution.

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Evolution features a robust frame with a sling style seat unit. It comes in chilli, flint & black and is suitable for your baby from infancy to 6 years.

Price: $679

Availability: Mountain Buggy stockists online & in store.

We love …

  • super smooth ride
  • durable
  • large follow-the-sun hood
  • suitable to 6 years

In Use …
Out of the box, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle takes about 15 minutes to assemble. The tyres are fully inflated and ready to go. In no time you’ll be ready to get out & about.

It’s been a while since I’ve had my hands on a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle and it feels great. The most outstanding function of the Urban Jungle is the super smooth ride, both on & off-road. The combination of 3 large air-filled tyres with rear-wheel suspension make the Urban Jungle one of the best prams on the market to push (if not the best). And even though the Urban Jungle is a large pram with a reasonably wide rear-wheel base, the great manoeuvrability makes it easier to get around small spaces than you’d expect.

The Urban Jungle features a sling style seat. It reclines using a strap system which is a bit fiddly, but does lay completely flat for your newborn. It’s a large seat unit, particularly in height, and can accommodate a large child, however, it’s also quite comfortable for a toddler. You may find the bassinet or face-to-face rear facing seat (both optional extras) more suitable for an infant.

The Urban Jungle’s hood is a stand-out feature. Not only is it large and super sturdy (to withstand strong winds), but it also follows-the-sun. This means you can pull the hood much further forward than other hoods, basically blocking the sun from any direction. It also features a flip-out sun sun shade and a peek-a-boo window.

The Urban Jungle features an adjustable handle with a comfy & hard wearing grip and a good sized under-seat basket. There’s quite a bit of room between the seat unit & the basket, you can fit a small parcel in there if you need to.

The brake is a wire flip-on, flip-off style. When it’s off, the brake is quite high so it’s a bit off an exaggerated flip-on motion. Unfortunately, they are not flip flop or sandal freindly.

You fold your Urban Jungle from the front. There are two little tabs just above the foot rest (on either side of the metal plate) that you flick up. Then the pram folds down towards you and automatically locks. If you fold down the handle, your Urban Jungle will stand on its rear wheels.

To open the pram, flick open the lock (on the side) & pull the handle up & towards you, you will feel the chassis click into place. It does take a bit of oomph. The fold size is large (but reasonably flat), you should check it will fit in your car boot before you purchase yours.

The seat unit detaches quite quickly & easily which makes the seat unit easy to wash. Just pop it into your washing machine and it comes up pretty nicely.

Overall, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is an incredibly durable pram. The chassis, seat unit & hood are made from materials made to last. I’ve heard of an original Urban lasting & being used over a 15 year period.

Consider this …
The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is made to move It’s good to get into the habit of using the brakes & wrist strap regularly. The wrist strap is suitable for right & left hand parents and is a great backup when you’re near busy roads, train stations, off-road and anywhere else where there’s a higher risk to your baby if your pram gets away from you.

The Urban Jungle has inflatable tyres. Occasionally they puncture so it’s worth having a repair kit or spare available. Also its worth purchasing a couple of pumps (one for home, one for the car) so you can keep your Mountain Buggy pumped.

One of the reasons why the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is so easy to steer and pop up curbs is because the Urban Jungle’s design minimises weight on the front wheel. This also means it can tip backwards easily, particularly if your baby is under 18 months & particularly if the seat is reclined. Be cautious if you hang bags from the handle.

The verdict …
If performance is your #1 priority, then you can’t got past the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Evolution.

It’s one of the few prams that performs better as your baby gets bigger.

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    I don’t drive and rely on a great quality stroller to take my boy everywhere.

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