The Puckababy Sleeper is designed to rock your unsettled baby to sleep.  It’s a combination baby nest/bassinet/rocker.

The Puckababy Sleeper is suitable for your baby to approximately 4 months.

Price: $180

Availability: Puckababy website

We love …

  • versitility
  • suitable for summer and winter
  • attached firm mattress for safe sleeping
  • machine washable

In use …

The best ways to describe the Puckababy Sleeper is that it’s like a small portable  bassinet for a newborn.  It features a firm mattress, cover, head protector and two handles.  The idea being is that you settle your newborn by gently rocking your baby to sleep.

The cover of the Puckababy Sleeper zips up like a pram footmuff or baby nest and the handles wrap around the nest enclosing your baby.  The head protector and handles are designed to keep your baby enclosed but also allow for plenty of ventilation around your baby’s face and head.  The mattress is attached to the base of The Sleeper with zips and buttons.

Once your baby is asleep, they can have their day time sleeps in The Sleeper anywhere there’s a suitable flat surface, even a quite space on the floor.

The Puckababy Sleeper is rated 1 TOG which means it’s suitable for summer and winter conditions.  There’s plenty of room under the cover for you to swaddle or wrap your baby in a blanket for the cooler months.

Babies can struggle with the transition from womb to world and the Sleeper was designed to help recreate the womb environment by offering a secure and comfortable sleeping environment which at the same time can be rocked and held close to you.

I also like the versatility of the Puckababy Sleeper – it fits into a pram bassinet and it’s exactly the type of product I’d use to transport my baby in and out of their pram and when I’m visiting friends and family who may not have a suitable sleeping space for a baby.

The Pucakababy Sleeper is machine washable.  It’s best to detach the mattress first and wash The Sleeper in two parts.  You’ll need to spread The Sleeper out for faster drying.

When using any product designed for sleep, you should always consider the SIDS for Kids Safe Sleeping Guidelines.  Specifically that your baby’s head is uncovered and there’s plenty of ventilation around it and that there’s a thin, firm fitting mattress.

Consider this …
While the Puckababy Sleep allows for plenty of ventilation around your baby’s head.  It is possible for a small baby to slide under the cover.  Be cautious rocking your baby and make sure your baby is supervised while sleeping.  The Sleeper is not suitable for night sleeps.

You’ll fit your baby in the Puckababy sleeper up until 4 months so it has a limited life span.  The good news is that’s its lovely quality and the type of product you could pass around family & friends and still get plenty of use from when you have a second baby.

The verdict …

As a rocker I can see that the Puckababy Sleeper would suit some babies and their families helping rock their baby to sleep.  However it’s the versatility of being able to transport your sleeping baby in and out of the pram or at friends & family’s houses that I think makes it a very useful product.  The Puckababy Sleeper can go anywhere you and your baby go without disturbing precious sleep.

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