The Stokke Tripp Trapp is a wooden chair that’s designed to keep your baby comfortable at the dinner table from infancy to … any age really.

The Tripp Trapp High Chair has been around for a few years now and it is still one of the leaders in its class.  It acts as a high chair for its first few years then can be adjusted to grow with your child as they grow.  Made from European birch The Stokke Tripp Trapp comes in a fantastic range from bright modern colours to classic timber finishes.

We love …

  • looks great
  • great quality
  • designed to grow with your child
  • 7 year warranty

In use …
The first thing that you notice about the Stokke Tripp Trapp is the fantastic quality. Not just the look and feel of the chair but also the little components such as the harness and nuts & bolts. Every part fits well and looks good.

Our tester Tripp Trapp took me about 30 minutes to assemble and it comes with every tool you need i.e. an allen key. The assembly was pretty logical and the instructions were easy to follow.

With the newborn set you can use your Stokke Tripp Trapp from newborn to six months. The newborn seat attaches to the top of the Tripp Trapp back rail. The coloured indicators on the side of the seat ensures that the seat is securely attached.stokke-infant-insert-high-chair

The seat is comfortably padded and comes complete with a 5 point harness and an arm for a mobile.

The idea behind the newborn set is to be able to seat your baby at the dinner time to enjoy family dinners. But the newborn set offers more than that. It’s a great option to keep your baby close to you while you are doing your chores or some work from home. The newborn seat can stand independently on the floor and the Tripp Trapp chair is light enough for you to move around the house as you need it.

Our newborn tester mum commented that the day of receiving her Tripp Trapp was the first day she’d been able to sit and have a meal at the table since her two month old baby was born.

Once your baby can sit up independently it’s time for them to move into the Tripp Trapp Baby set. The set comprises of a high back and a rail support which provides comfort and allows your baby to move about and interact with the family during meal times.

The standard Tripp Trapp seat is wooden (but I’m told its comfy) so you might want to invest in a cushion set to provide and extra bit of comfort and support for a baby.

The Tripp Trapp’s smooth lines makes it very easy to keep clean and the cushion sets can go straight in the wash.

The seat and foot rest adjust as your child grows to keep them sitting comfortably and ergonomically correctly at the table. It’s pretty easy to adjust the Tripp Trappwhen you need to. You can partially undo the screws along one side, move the seat & foot rest to lower positions and retighten the screws. It takes less than 5 minutes.tripp-trapp_high-chair-infant

I actually tested the Tripp Trapp at home with my pre-schooler and really found it great for an older child. The raised level of the seat (compared to a dining chair) and the obvious comfort of the seat significantly reduced the squirming, wriggling and jumping in-and-out of the chair we had been experiencing since we’d moved him out of a high-chair.

stokke-tripp-trapp-trayConsider this …
The Tripp Trapp and its accessories really add up. You could easily spend up to $750 from infancy to to pre-school.

The good news is that like any designer nursery product Tripp Trapps retain good resale value.

Stokke also make a tray for the Tripp Trapp. I know the primary purpose of the chair is to use the dinner table instead but now the tray makes the Tripp Trapp all the more versatile.

The verdict …
I’ve always admired the Trip Trapp’s good looks but wondered if it’s worth the investment. The answer is yes! The Tripp Trapp is a smart product and if it suits your lifestyle you will get many many great years of service from it. What’s more, if you look after it, it will always maintain good second hand value.

In a world where baby gear is becoming more and more complex the simplicity and ease-of-use of the Tripp Trapp is refreshing.

Thanks to guest reviewers Emily and also my little #1 Made 4 Baby tester who is never giving up that seat now!.

Available at Stokke Australia and most baby stores.




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