The Hi-Liner SG is a full-seat style, height adjustable, forward facing booster seat.   Suitable for children from 4 to 6 or 8 years (depending on the size of your child) it comes in phantom (gray), sapphire, pink and crimson colours.

The Hi-Liner is a tether installed booster seat.

We love …

  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to install and use
  • Great safety features
  • Mid priced

This Hi-Liner features a height adjustable headrest with shoulder guides, seat belt guide and Slideguard clip, two arm rests and two cup holders. It also comes with a messy mat.

The Hi-Liner has been recently updated to meet the specifications of the new 2010 car seat standards. Here’s a great clip from Safe-n-Sound explaining the changes.

The Hi-Liner SG is one of the best rating booster seats by the NSW Centre for Road Safety for safety and ease of use. The seat is thickly padded to better absorb the energy from a car accident and it has larger side wings to protect your child’s head and body.

The safety features of the H-Liner SG are well considered, particularly now that they are combined with better on-product information. The red seat belt guides help ensure that the belt properly sits across your child’s torso. The Slideguard is a great safety feature that ensures your child doesn’t slip under the seat belt during the impact of an accident.

The Hi-Liner SG is very easy to use. It doesn’t even take five minutes to install. You can adjust the headrest with a squeeze of the button on the back. It’s important to read the instructions to correctly position the headrest for maximum safety benefit.

This seat is nicely padded and comfortable for your child. You can remove and machine-wash the seat cover when it gets grubby. The two cup holders are hidden in little drawers on either side of the seat. They are a little shallow but hey, a cup in a shallow cup holder is better than two split drinks on the floor. Know what I mean?

Physically the seat is slim and will fit comfortably in a medium sized car, the arm rests give your child their own space. Height wise it should accommodate the tallest 8 year old.

Looking for the instructions? Join the club. You can find them in a little compartment on the bottom of the seat.

With the Protecta Harness

For an additional $65.00 or so you can purchase an H shaped harness which is compatible with the Hi-Liner SG. The harness makes the seat safer but also a bit more fiddly to use. Each time you need to get your child in and out of the seat you need to lift the harness over their head.


In use …

Our Hi-Liner SG has been very popular. Firstly our toddler tester finds the Hi-Liner very comfortable, plus they love the convenience of both cup holders which can (occasionally) be shared with a sibling.

Our tester parents love the Hi-Liner because it’s light and easy to install. They often have to move it from car to car. They love the size of the Hi-Liner and get the impression that the Hi-Liner will easily accommodate their child up to the age of 8.

Consider this …

There’s not a bad thing to be said (by me) about the Hi-Liner SG. Sure it’s not the most luxurious booster seat on the market but it does its job comfortably and safely.

The verdict …

The Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG is a bit smarter than your average mid priced booster seat. Its features help ensure that your child is seated safely with the seat belt across their pelvis not abdomen; the most effective position to prevent internal injuries if in a crash.

Considering your child will use this booster up until 8 years of age you’ll get good value from your Hi-Liner SG.

You can never know enough about car safety for your baby. Find more information on the NSW RTA website  or from your local state roads and traffic authority.

Safe-n-Sound is part of the British company, Britax, that makes a range of car seats suitable for infants, babies and toddlers at different stages of their development and size.




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