The Happy House Super Mat is Playgro’s latest baby developmental toy. It’s 100 x 150 cm which is about the same size as a cot blanket.  It’s made from polyester fabric with a polyester filling and the toys are BPA free plastic.

We love …

  • super large size
  • lots of fun features
  • extended play period
  • kind on the budget

In use …

The Playgro Happy House Super Mat lives up to its name with its super size. You could comfortably fit two, even three babies on this huge mat. It’s nicely padded and has a non-slip underside.

Unlike a play gym with the toys hanging down from an arch, the Happy House Supermat is designed for tummy time and to encourage crawling.

The six features of the mat include a mirror (because nobody’s as cute as that little baby!), two little plastic toys, and two peek-a-boo flaps. Each feature or toy offers a different experience including movements, sounds and textures. They are spread around the mat to encourage your baby to move towards their favourite activity.

The Happy House Super Mat is very vibrant with lots of different contrasting colours and patterns to visually stimulate your baby. I know Playgro put a lot of effort into perfecting the colours and the quality of the graphics of their products and you can tell.

With baby gyms, all the fun is over once your baby rolls over, however with the Happy House Supermat that’s when more fun begins. There’s plenty of space for your baby to roll around and the floor based toys means your baby will get extended play time from your Happy House Super Mat. Also I like it that you can really get down on the floor with your baby and play.

Babies are very interested in what they see around them everyday so the Happy House theme is perfect. It encourages exploration and interest in the environment around them; what’s in the fridge?, whose bed is that?, what are the birdies doing?

playgro-happy-house-super-mat-1Consider this …

It’s a shame the Playgro Happy House Supermat is not washable. Its such a great size that it would be ideal for your baby when you visit the park or for a few babies when you go to the local cafe for Playgroup. But you wouldn’t want it to get grubby. Then there’s the dribble, sick and other bodily fluids that babies are in the habit of sharing.

Also, because it’s a supersize it needs a super storage space. I’d suggest you keep the plastic bag it comes in for storage and transport.

Finally, for a superman, the two plastic toys are a little on the small size.

The verdict …

Play gyms have always been one of those products I’ve considered quite expensive, especially for a quality one. Playgro hit the trifecta with the Happy House Supermat; good quality, great price, more play.

It’s makes a great gift because it’s fun and it looks like you paid a lot more for it!

playgro-happy-house-super-mat-3 playgro-happy-house-super-mat-2



Vanessa loves great design. Beauty, function and innovation get her excited. When she’s not hunting down the next big baby idea, she’s busy with her day job and being a mum to her 3 lovely boys.


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