The phil&teds traveller is a lightweight tent-style porta or travel cot. It’s suitable for your child from birth to 3 years.

It features an aluminium frame, mesh sides and an inflatable mattress. It comes complete with a sheet & carry bag. You can choose from black or silver.

Price: $199

Availability: phil&teds stockists online & in store.

We love …

  • lightweight
  • compact fold
  • indoor & outdoor
  • sleep time & play time

In use …
phil&teds claims you can assemble the traveller in seconds. In reality, it takes a little longer than that. For the first assembly make sure you set aside a good 10 minutes to get it together. It’s quite a tight frame so you may need a little effort to slot it together. After you get used to it and it loosens up a bit it will take you 2 or 3 minutes to set up & disassemble. (phil&teds have conveniently sewn a tag with the assembly instructions into the top of one of the sides for easy reference.)

When assembled the phil&teds traveller is a full-sized cot. Packed up, it fits in an impressively small 25 x 65cm travel bag. This means you can pack your traveller in a suitcase or large backpack. Also, it weighs just over 3kgs, so it won’t weigh you down.

You might be concerned that your phil&tesds traveller’s mattress is quite thin but that’s the way it’s meant to be to create a safe sleeping environment for your baby. It’s thermally insulated which is good because it sits quite close to the ground.

The mattress is self-inflating and you can plump it up a bit by blowing in some extra air if you want to. The cotton sheets slips over the mattress like a large pillowcase.

The phil&teds traveller has little feet which keep it stable, even when a toddler is having a little play in it. Talking play-time, the traveller features a zip down side so your child can move in & out of it independently.

The phil&teds traveller is suitable for indoor & outdoor use. As an optional extra you can purchase a sun cover so the traveller is great to sling over your shoulder & take to the park.

Caring for your traveller is easy. A quick wash down with a damp cloth is all you need. The sheet goes in the wash.

Consider this …
phil&teds promotes the traveller as being ‘approved’ for safe sleeping. It’s not actually approved or endorsed by any body but rather meets new (& quite stringent) Australian porta & travel cot safety standards. In particular the mattress design & mesh sides.

Because the mattress is rolled for transport & storage you might find it dosn’t fit flat in the cot. Blow some air into it to plump it up. For safety reasons make sure the mattress fits snugly into the bottom of your traveller travel cot. (Sit on it to get the extra air out when you are packing your traveller away!)

The phil&teds traveller is suitable for babies up to 3 years. Don’t let older children sleep or play in it as they are likely to place stress on the mesh sides & toggles.

I miss the inbuilt insect/sunscreen mesh top built into previous traveller models. A sun cover is pretty much essential for outdoor use. Having said that, the old design with inbuilt sun shade made it harder to get your baby in & out.

Expect the aluminium sides of your traveller to scratch & mark. They are all tossed together in the carry bag.

The verdict …
If you’re packing your cot in the car to visit Nanna then many travel cots will do the trick. But if you’re travelling via foot, bus, train or plane or want to use your cot outdoors, the phil&teds traveller is a great choice.

The phil&teds traveller is one of most versatile travel cots on the market.

phil-and-teds-traveller-3 phil-teds-traveller-cot-2 phil&teds-traveller-cot



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