Mumma’s Little Helpers food catchers are designed to keep food off your floor and minimise the cleaning normally required after your baby’s dinner time.

Mumma’s Little Helpers food catchers are made from cotton PUI (so they’re waterproof) and come in a variety of colours and designs.

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We love …

  • attaches to any 4 legged high chair
  • easily cleaned
  • made to support baby-lead weaning
  • Aussie mum made product

In use …
The first thing I wanted to know was how easy was it to attach and detach the Mumma’s Little Helpers food catcher to our high chair.  Specifically, was it really going to be less-hassle to use it than clean the floor after each mini-meal.

To start with you need quite a reasonable space on your floor, you spread out your food catcher and place your high chair in the centre.  You’ll see there are spaces in the food catcher to accommodate your high-chairs legs.  Pull the sides of the food catcher up and around the high chair legs to create a pouch and then attach the food catcher to your high chair using the velcro tabs provided.

The trick is to position the velcro tabs on your high chair tray so the pouch is as wide as possible under your baby.  Then, when little hands reach out over their high chair to drop food over the side, the food catcher’s got it.

The second thing I wanted to know was does it work?  With dry food, the catcher is great, food that goes over the side of the chair and onto your baby’s lap is caught and easy to clean up.  As you wipe down the high chair just push any dry food into the food catcher then either scoop it out with a small bowl or wipe.

The Mumma’s Little Helpers food catcher also effectively catches wet food and liquid but it’s a little more challenging to clean from the food catcher, you may need to give it a good wipe or pop it in the wash.  With liquid, it’s best to absorb it up with a tea towel or paper towel than to detach the food catcher and empty it into the sink.

Your Mumma’s Little Helpers food catcher goes straight into the wash when it gets grubby.

I love the objective of the Mumma’s Little Helpers food catcher in that it’s designed to support baby-led weaning.  I’m not a nutritionist or baby-feeding expert, but I have heard it said by professionals that allowing your baby time to explore and play with their food is a great way to encourage them to eat a wide range of foods with different textures and consistencies.

Finally, the Mumma’s Little Helpers food catcher is truly a smart-mum designed product and every little detail has been considered.  The packaging your food catcher comes in is made of the same fabric as the food catcher and can be used as a wet bag.


Consider this …
I often pop my high chair tray in the dishwasher so I was wondering if the velcro might come off in the heat.  So far so good, but I’m advised that additional velcro strips are available.  I’d be inclined to order a few extras when ordering my Mumma’s Little Helpers food catcher.

The Mumma’s Little Helpers food catcher does allow leg room but as your baby grows into a toddler, they may start to find it a little enclosed around their feet and have a kick at it.  It doesn’t affect the food catcher’s performance.

While the Mumma’s Little Helpers Food Catcher works for dropped food, you may think on your own if you have a food thrower!   But it does sit out quite wide at the sides and out at the front and is designed to catch most food so it will still make clean up easier even if your baby does throw their food.

The verdict …

If you’ve got carpet, like to feed your baby at the dinner table or like to let your baby explore and investigate their food, then the Mumma’s Little Helpers food catcher will save you lots of clean up time and effort.

It’s worth investing in two Mumma’s Little Helpers food catchers so you’ve got one to use while you have the other in the wash.

Also available is a padded Hood for $19.95 which simply slips over the top of your baby’s high chair as an extra comfort head rest.

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mummas-helpersThanks to Lyndsey, the smart mum behind Mumma’s Little Helpers, we have 2 x Food Catchers to giveaway.  This prize is valued at $39.99 each.

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