The Mountain Buggy urban jungle is an all-terrain stroller that’s designed for both urban and off-road use & is also suitable for running.

The Mountain Buggy urban jungle features a comfortable ergonomic & adjustable handlebar, a fully reclining seat suitable for a newborn, large air-inflatable wheels, a swivel front wheel which can be locked, a large ‘follow-the-sun’ hood with peak-a-boo window and a large under seat basket.


The Mountain Buggy urban jungle comes in 7 standard colours.  There’s also a Mountain Buggy urban jungle luxury collection which comes in two prints; nautical & pepeta.  The luxury collection comes with a contrasting seat liner, luxury fabrics & trims and a coordinating baby bag.

Price: $799 or $899 for the luxury collection.

Availability:  Mountain Buggy online or your local Mountain Buggy stockist

We love …

  • superior manoeuvrability
  • easy & compacted fold
  • large & comfortable seat unit
  • offers full protection from all types of weather

In use …

Out-of-the box, the Mountain Buggy urban jungle stroller is easy & intuitive to assemble; no tools required.  The wheels, seat unit, hood & underseat basket all need to be added to the chassis and it will take you about 10 minutes to get ready to hit the road.  Mountain Buggy have great online video assembly instructions if you need a bit of help.

Once you’re on the road, it won’t take long for you to figure that the stand-out feature of the Mountain Buggy urban jungle is it’s manoeuvrability.  Even though the urban jungle is a large pram, the large air-filled wheels and swivel front wheel make this pram easy to push over any terrain and, also surprisingly, in confined spaces.  The suspension and adjustable, ergonomic handlebar also makes the urban jungle very comfortable for parents to push.

The urban jungle’s seat unit is quite large and will accommodate your child up to 5 years.  Mountain Buggy have slightly repositioned the seat to allow for more space for a larger child.  Also a retractible foot rest now provides more support for a mid-sized child.  The seat unit fully reclines using a basic strap & buckle system into a hammock style seat which your baby will love when it’s time for a snooze.

The Mountain Buggy urban jungle is one of the most robust prams on the market.  If offers great weather protection for your baby from the sun, rain and cold.  It features a large follow-the-sun hood (adjustable to protect your child from the sun at any angle) with a zippered sunshade/ventilation panel.

The urban jungle features a newly designed buckle system.  Little fingers are less likely to get pinched and the quick release (which is part of a new Australian safety standard) makes it very easy to get your baby out of the pram (particularly in an emergency situation).

The Mountain Buggy urban jungle’s new brake is another stand-out feature.  The simple flip-on, flip-off brake is located very conveniently on the handle.  It’s very easy to access, particularly if you are in confined spaces.  The underseat basket is large and can accommodate up to 10kgs.  It features a number of little pockets so you can secure your belongings if you go out for a bit of walking, running or adventure.

The urban jungle’s new fold action and size has also been significantly improved.   You now fold the urban jungle by pressing in a button while lightly twisting a bar that’s located just below the seat and the pram gently folds and automatically locks.  Once folded the urban jungle stands and the bar makes for a convenient carry handle.  The fold size is smaller and will fit more comfortably into your car boot or stands independently in your storage space.

Keeping your Mountain Buggy urban jungle clean is convient..  The seat is fully removable, and you can give it a good shake and brush.  Unfortunately the seat unit won’t fit into your washing machine but you can scrub it down if you need to.

With the carrycot plus …

Mountain Buggy have also redesigned the bassinet (carrycot plus) for the urban jungle.  In addition to the standard bassinet design, the carrycot plus also converts to a parent-facing seat which is suitable for your baby from the time they have the strength to hold their head up independently.

In bassinet mode, the carry cot slots straight into the pram adaptors and features little feet so it stands independently from the pram.  The bassinet hood features a carrying handle.  You can also configure the bassinet so that it has a slight incline which is suitable for your child if they have reflux.

In the parent-facing sea your baby can see the outside world.  The parent-facing seat is reasonably shallow, and not as enclosed as the main seat unit.  It’s at a very nice height for you to be able to interact with your baby.

Consider this …

The Mountain Buggy urban jungle stroller is a large stroller for a tiny baby.  The harness is adjustable and you’ll have no problem securing your baby, but the stroller may feel huge for your infant.

The urban jungle’s size also translates into a reasonably heavy pram at just over 11 kgs.  Keep this in mind if you regularly need to lift your pram in & out of your car.

One of the best features of the urban jungle are the large air-filled wheels.  To get the best out of them, make sure you invest in a tyre pump and keep it in the underseat basket of your stroller.  Also, the wheels can punture so it’s best to keep a wheel repair kit in the back of your car.

The new handle brake is located on the right hand side, not so handy if you are a leftie.

The verdict …

The Mountain Buggy urban jungle has always stood out-of-the-crowed for me because it offers all the function of a big pram, yet, because it’s so comfortable, feels like a compact pram to push.

The improvements Mountain Buggy have made irons out the most clunky features and makes this great pram even better.

The Mountain Buggy urban jungle is a great option for active parents, particularly walkers and runners.



Vanessa loves great design. Beauty, function and innovation get her excited. When she’s not hunting down the next big baby idea, she’s busy with her day job and being a mum to her 3 lovely boys.


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