The Mountain Buggy mini stroller is the smallest and most lightweight stroller in the Mountain Buggy range.  Add the new Mountain Buggy protect infant carrier to create a travel system.

The Mountain Buggy mini stroller is super light-weight for a buggy, weighing in at 7.6 kgs.  It features a comfortable ergonomic and adjustable handlebar, a fully reclining seat suitable for a newborn, eva foam (anti-puncture) wheels, a swivel front wheel which can be locked, a decent sized hood with peak-a-boo window and a decent sized underseat basket.

The Mountain Buggy mini stroller comes in a black seat unit with red hood.

Price: $599

Availability:  Mountain Buggy online or your local Mountain Buggy stockists




  • both the mini and the protect are very lightweight
  • super manouverability
  • reasonably priced




Out & about, the mini is very easy to manoeuvre.  The front swivel wheel makes it easy to get the mini around obstacles and in-and-out of small spaces.  Like all Mountain Buggy’s, the mini is designed to go up & over curbs, up & down stairs and over obstacles with ease.

The Mini’s seat unit is a reasonable size (Mountain Buggy have recently increased the height of the seat unit) and features a simple strap recline system.  I love the newly designed buckle system, little fingers are less likely to get pinched and the quick release (which is part of a new safety standard) makes it really easy to get your baby out of the pram.

The Mountain Buggy Mini’s brake is a wire flip-on-flip-off style, it can be a bit stiff but that also gives it a comfortably tight engagement.  It’s not sandal or open-shoe friendly though.

I’ve always found the fold on Mountain Buggy strollers a little clumsy.  The new design of the Mini’s fold, though, is fantastic and a stand out feature.  You now fold the mini by pressing in a button and lightly twisting a bar that’s located just below the seat and the pram gently folds and automatically locks.  Once folded the mini stands independently and the bar makes for a convenient carry handle.

The Mini’s fold size is compact, it fits in most car boots.

Keeping your Mountain Buggy mini clean is easy.  The seat is fully removable, and you can give it a good shake and brush.  Unfortunately the seat unit won’t fit into your washing machine but you can easily hose it down if you need to.

The mini is a great option for public transport, the combination of it’s compact size and mid-sized wheels makes it easier to get off-and-on trains and accessible buses.  It’s also comfortable to carry onto buses if you need to fold it.




Add the Mountain Buggy protect baby carrier to create the MB mini travel system.

The protect baby carrier is suitable for your baby from newborn to approximately 12 months and features a removable liner with lumber support and energy absorbing EVA foam, a sun hood, and a rocking base.

Installing the protect baby carrier is reasonably simple and the protect features a level indicator to help you get it right.  It’s always a good option to get a professional to install your car seat, but if that’s not possible or desirable, there’s user-friendly video instructions on the Mountain Buggy website.

To attach your protect baby carrier to your mini stroller, you click it in and out the car seat adaptors which come with the Mountain Buggy mini stroller.

Apart from the safety features, the stand out feature of the Protect is it’s light-weight construction, weighing in at just under 4kgs.  This makes a lot of difference when you’re carrying the protect around on your arm and getting it in-and-out of your car.

You can buy additional protect bases if you have more than one car or for a careener’s and/or grandparent’s car.




The Mountain Buggy mini stroller is designed for urban use.  It’s great off-the-road at the park or the beach, but it’s not as robust as the other strollers in the Mountain Buggy range.  You get the most out of the mini with the protect baby carrier as a travel system.

The Mountain Buggy mini stroller’s seat unit is on the smaller side.  It’s suitable for your child up to about 2 years but you may find that your child get’s a bit cramped once they get a bit bigger.

The mini’s shoulder pads fall off the harness straps pretty easily, be careful when you fold your stroller that you don’t loose them.

When you use the protect baby carrier in the car, you need to attach and detach the tether strap each time.  I prefer the click-and-go design which does not require you to remove the tether.

The protect baby carrier’s harness adjusts to three different sizes.  It’s quite fiddly to adjust but this isn’t unusual with a baby carrier.  It should fit your baby up to 12 months, but if you find you have a larger baby, they may grow out of it sooner than expected.




The Mountain Buggy mini and protect car seat are perfectly paired for use as an everyday travel system.

Plus the manoeuvrability of the mini stroller is going to get you everywhere you need to go comfortably and at very reasonable price.

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  1. November 14, 2015 @ 11:07 am Lana

    I would love to win this travel system. I am due with a third baby in May (girl have 2 boys already). Shortly after the doctors told me I can’t have any more children I sold all my baby gear. Then about a month later I find out that I am pregnant. Happy beyond words.

  2. November 11, 2015 @ 9:30 pm Abby

    You always trust the mountain buggy brand the best pram and strollers.

  3. November 9, 2015 @ 10:50 pm Phuong Thao Trinh

    The best convenient pram ever

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