The Mountain Buggy juno baby carrier offers 4 carrying positions and is designed to offer the maximum ergonomic support for your growing baby.

The Mountain Buggy juno carrier is suitable for your baby from birth to 48 months and comes in black, sand, charcoal and nautical (navy with a navy/white strip interior) colours.


Price: $229

Availability: Mountain Buggy stockists online & in store.

We love …

  • allows for additional parent support and connection
  • ergonomic design for both you & your baby
  • comes complete with infant insert
  • useful online instructions & safety information

In use …

Out-of-the-box, the first thing you notice about the Mountain Buggy juno baby carrier is the lovely quality construction & fabrics.  The outer is made from a durable calico and the inner is made from a soft brush cotton.  The tailoring looks good and, over-all, the juno looks pretty straight-forward to pop on & use.

The Mountain Buggy juno baby carrier offers parents 4 carrying options.  For newborns, the juno carrier comes complete with an infant insert which is just like a little seat that sits inside the carrier.  The insert extends to accommodate your growing child.  In addition to the front-wearing, inward-facing carrying position for your newborn, the juno carrier also offers a front-facing forward carrying position, a side carrying position and a back  carrying position.

Getting any baby carrier on always takes a bit of practice.  Mountain Buggy have made it a little easier by providing parents with an online video for each carrying position.  After viewing the online instructions, getting the juno carrier on, complete with baby, was pretty easy. (Although I always suggest a practice run to get a feel for the firmest and most comfortable strap adjustments for you.)

Once on the juno baby carrier is quite comfortable.  It features wide padded waist band and shoulder straps + a back strap for comfort and to distribute your baby’s weight across your body evenly.  For your baby’s health & comfort, the Mountain Buggy juno baby carrier has been endorsed as being ‘hip healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The Mountain Buggy juno features a centre panel over the front of the carrier which allows you to provide additional support with with your hands and also comfort your baby.  It’s a really nice feeling to be able to cradle & cuddle your baby while they are in the carrier.  The juno also features an optional safety latch on the waist buckle, a tuck-away hood to support your baby’s head when they are sleeping and 2 parent pockets which are big enough to stash your phone & a small purse or wallet in.

Size-wise, the straps of the juno baby carrier are long and will fit small to large sized parents.  The ends of the straps have little elastics at the end so you secure any loose ends.

Consider this …

The Mountain Buggy juno carrier is made from quite heavy fabrics.  If you live in a hot climate or are using it on hot summer days you might find it hot & heavy to use.

Safe baby carrying is priority # 1, especially with a newborn who can’t support their head & neck.  Mountain Buggy have some great baby carrying safety tips on their website.

Baby carrying can get heavy.  New mums should be conscious that the relaxin hormone that loosens up their ligaments during pregnancy will still be in their body for months after birth and they should take extra care not to place too much strain on their back, neck & shoulders, especially over extended periods of time.


The verdict …

The Mountain Buggy juno carrier is a well designed & great quality baby carrier.  I particularly like the infant insert which adjusts to provide support to your growing infant.

You’d expect the Mountain Buggy juno baby carrier to outlast many babies.

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