The Mountain Buggy freerider is both a stroller board that attaches to your pram or stroller to transport a free-standing toddler and an independent child’s scooter.

It comes with a standard connector for all Mountain Buggy strollers. You can buy additional connectors for other prams including the phil&teds classic, sport, hammerhead, explorer, verve, dot & navigator, the Bugaboo chameleon, Steelcraft Strider & Baby Jogger City Mini.

The Freerider can accommodate your toddler or pre-schooler up to 20kgs and comes in black, blue, orange and pink.

We love …

  • flexibility in design & use
  • adaptable to most pram & strollers
  • reasonably priced
  • good fun!

In use …
As a stroller board, the freerider features a swivel rear wheel and handlebar for stability. It comes with a connector to attach to your pram and an elastic toggle to lift and store the board behind the seat of your pram when its not in use.

The freerider attaches to the chassis of your pram via the connector. The connector takes a few fiddly minutes to attach (don’t try to do it when you are rushing to leave the house!) but once it’s attached it stays there for the long term.

The free rider scooter attaches to the connector via two prongs at the front of the board. There’s a red tab on the connector you push in to attach and detach the freerider. The rear wheel of the freerider flips out and down to convert from scooter height to stroller board height.

Despite its length and width, the freerider performs its job as a stroller board well. It’s wide enough that a toddler or pre-schooler can stand on it comfortably and the scooter handle gives them something more secure to hold onto than your pram’s handle.

Behind the pram the freerider is pretty manoeuvrable, you still have to avoid steps and curbs but generally walking on a flat surface the freerider won’t slow your pram down (apart from the fact you are pushing an extra child around!).

When your child is happy walking or running around you can easily detach the handle and fold the freerider up and out of the way using the toggle. The scooter handle neatly tucks through the toggle and out of the way.

As a scooter the freerider features three wheels, padded handlebar, rear brake, grip pad and also a detachable handlebar for transportation & storage.

The freerider detaches from your pram reasonably easily and once you adjust the rear wheel your toddler is ready to hit the road.

The steering is weight balanced (rather than via the handle), and you’ll be surprised how quickly your toddler will pick it up.  The Freerider board is a little wider than a standard scooter, this doesn’t affect the ride.

Teamed up with Mountain Buggy & phil&teds strollers
We tested our freerider out with the Mountain Buggy swift and urban & the phil&teds verve. The freerider was easiest to use with the larger prams because the weight of 2 children is easier to push around when you have bigger wheels.

As a general rule there is only a small space within the handlebar of compatible prams for your toddler to fit but it’s just enough to fit them.

Consider this …

As is the case with any stroller board, the parent pushing the pram has to stand to the side to accommodate the board and occupant. One of the advantages of the freerider is that it can be pushed to one side of your pram so you can better fit behind its handle.

Attaching and detaching the freerider from the connector is fiddly. It moves around and you have to get down behind your pram and depress the red tab with your hands. I’d love to see a foot operated tab but I’m not sure it would be safe (your child could accidentally operate it in action).

The freerider handlebar has nice foam grips but I think rubber would probably be a more durable option for the kind of attention action your Mountain Buggy freerider is going to see.

The verdict …
Go down to your local park on any Saturday and you’ll quickly see how huge the market is for the freerider. It’s the type of product your family will use every day.

The freerider is smart and versatile, particularly the way it’s flexible to meet the changing needs and desires of your toddler (sometimes changing by the minute!).

Also it’s competitively priced as both a stroller board and a quality scooter. With the freerider you effectively get two products for the price of one.

mountain-buggy-freelander-stroller mountain-buggy-freerider-scooter-board

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  1. July 4, 2015 @ 3:42 pm Jessica Ashbrooke

    My daughter would love this

  2. June 27, 2015 @ 10:02 pm caroline A'vard

    My grandson will enjoy travelling behind lil brother…:)what an awesome idea…..

  3. June 26, 2015 @ 10:40 pm Chantelle

    It looks like so much fun my son will love riding along side me on our walks

  4. June 26, 2015 @ 7:32 pm Christina

    Looks like a fantastic product! I know my three year old would love scooting. Along!

  5. June 26, 2015 @ 7:23 pm Katherine

    Scooter looks fun and useful

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