The Cosmopolitan is Mountain Buggy’s first attempt at a European styled ‘fashion’ stroller.  Its point of difference is the seat unit which is both rear & forward facing and converts to a bassinet.

Price: $799.00

Availability: Mountain Buggy Stockists and Mountain Buggy Online

We love …

  • seat unit converts to bassinet
  • lightweight for a large pram
  • lots of smartly designed features
  • big under seat basket

In use …
The Cosmopolitan is suitable for your baby from birth to approximately 4 years. It features a brushed aluminium frame and comes in denim with stone, chilli or turquoise lining.

My first impression of the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan was that it was bigger than I expected. Favouring more compact strollers for their versatility, I was initially disappointed. However, the Cosmopolitan soon proved me wrong.

For a large pram the Cosmopolitan is surprisingly lightweight at 10.5kgs. Like all Mountain Buggies the manoeuvrability of the Cosmopolitan is great on all surfaces. The 12″ rear wheels make it easy to manage curbs & stairs. You can comfortably push the Cosmopolitan with one hand over long distances.

The rear wheel base of the Cosmopolitan is wide but not quite as wide as some of the larger Mountain Buggies. I never had a problem fitting through doors, check-outs or manoeuvring in tight spaces (like getting on & off busses). The handle is at a fixed height which I found comfortable and there’s no bar across the rear of the Cosmopolitan which means even the tallest parent can stride comfortably without hitting the pram.

The Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan has many well designed features including 4 wheel suspension, puncture proof tyres, a gate opening grab bar and an easily adjustable 5-point harness.

Not only does the Cosmopolitan’s seat unit face forward & rearward it also converts to a bassinet. It’s easy to convert the seat unit and only takes a minute. The seat unit is designed to use the harness in both seat & bassinet mode.

The recline is a simple tab at the top of the seat and it’s a smooth recline action. The brakes are linked and a simple on-of flip action. The brakes are open-toed shoe friendly.

The under seat basket is large and can accommodate up to 10kgs. The basket has a little lip at the front to prevent the contents falling out and the basket is accessible from the front or back irrespective of how the seat is configured.

The hood is a stand out feature of the Cosmopolitan. It’s large to keep the sun off your baby and also allows for plenty of ventilation. A zipped mesh panel allows you to extend the hood when you need to. The hood also features a little peek-a-boo window.

The fold is quick & simple but requires the seat unit to be facing forward or removed. You just depress the buttons on each side of the handle and press the large button at the top of the handle. The Cosmopolitan then folds flat and the side clip secures it.

To open you just flip the side clip open and pull the handle up & towards you while pushing with your foot downwards on the tab at the base of the pram. It’s easy but requires a little oomph. The fold size is medium so you should check that the Cosmopolitan will fit in your car boot prior to purchase.

I’ve never reviewed a pram with a denim finish before and I’ve got to say it’s very nice. The Cosmopolitan’s denim is teamed up with a nice flocked cotton interior which gives the seat unit a fresh & cosy feeling. I’m not sure how the Cosmopolitan will stand up to a grotty toddler but the stone finish is a good option to hide spills & sticky fingers. You can wipe down the seat with a damp cloth to keep it clean.

Finally, the lack of big branding on the Cosmopolitan is refreshing.

Consider this …
The fabric of the Cosmopolitan is not waterproof so you don’t want to get caught in the rain without a rain cover. While we’re at it, the Cosmopolitan does not come with a rain cover so make sure you purchase one with your pram. Finally, in bassinet mode, the Cosmopolitan’s rain cover does not entirely cover the end of the bassinet. In extreme weather I’d be concerned that it could get wet.

In bassinet mode the Cosmopolitan’s seat unit is quite large for an infant. You might want to use a cocoon, especially in the cold. It won’t be hard to find one that fits. On the plus side the seat unit will comfortably accommodate a larger child.

The hood clicks when you open & close it. This could wake your sleeping baby.

The safety strap is fixed to the right hand side of the pram handle. Not so good for lefties.

The verdict …
If you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan. It’s many smartly designed features make this stroller so easy to use and it’s a dream to push.

When you consider that you can pay up to $1,600 for a similarly styled and configured pram, the Cosmopolitan also represents great value.




Vanessa loves great design. Beauty, function and innovation get her excited. When she’s not hunting down the next big baby idea, she’s busy with her day job and being a mum to her 3 lovely boys.


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