The Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Bassinet is compatible with the Cosmopolitan Stroller. It features a soft organic interior & an aerated & firm mattress. It comes in with a white interior & denim outer to match your Cosmopolitan’s hood & grab bar.

The Carrycot Stand is an additional accessory & is compatible with any Mountain Buggy bassinet. It has a lightweight aluminium frame and features a large storage basket.

Price: $169

Availability: Mountain Buggy Online and Mountain Buggy Stockists

We love …

  • huge size
  • comfy & safe sleeping environment
  • indoor & outdoor
  • portable

In use …
The bassinet comes flat packed so you need to assemble it. It’s fiddly so put aside about 30 mins to get it ready. You don’t want to start just before you need to leave the house (like I did!). Also, you need the frame of the standard seat unit that accompanies your Cosmopolitan stroller plus the Cosmopolitan stroller hood to complete your bassinet.

Once assembled you’ll realise how huge this bassinet is; both in dimensions & depth. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the largest stroller bassinet on the market. For a little baby it might seem a bit large. For a larger baby it’s a great size. It should fit an average sized baby comfortably for at least 6 months. What’s more there’e enough room in there for a bit of tummy time & play.

Getting the Cosmopolitan bassinet on & off your Cosmopolitan buggy is really easy, it just clicks on and by pressing two small buttons on the side of your stroller it will release the bassinet & you just lift it off.. The ease of getting the seat unit, & now the bassinet, on & off the is one of the many features that I love about the Cosmopolitan stroller.

Attach your Cosmopolitan’s grab bar to the bassinet and you can carry & use the bassinet independently. Because the bassinet is bulky it’s a little challenging to more it around indoors, however, the little feet mean you can pop your bassinet down anywhere and your baby has nice place for a nap.

Mountain Buggy makes a big deal of the super-soft bamboo lining of the Cosmopolitan bassinet. I initially thought yadda, yadda, yadda until … I popped my baby in it and he went crazy rubbing his head on the inside. I’ve never seen him have such an enthusiastic response to any product.

It must be comfy in there because every day we’ve be trialing the Cosmopolitan bassinet we’ve had hours of sleep (indoors & on the deck in nice weather) + at least an hour (combined) of quiet time + good periods of play (especially when we are out) in it.

Finally, Mountain Buggy has been promoting their bassinets as safe sleeping environments. It’s a bit tricky for us parents to make a good assessment of bassinet safety because there are no Australian Safety Standards. However, SIDS and Kids recommend the follow guidelines for bassinets:

  • Ensure that it has a wide stable base and that it is placed on a stable surface.
  • Remove all ribbons and ties to prevent strangulation.
  • The sides should be at least 300mm high measured from the top of the mattress base.
  • Use a firm mattress that is a snug fit and is not thicker than 75mm.

The Cosmopolitan bassinet meets all these guidelines, however, would be even safer (in my opinion) from having the breathable mesh sides that some bassinets and travel cots are now featuring.

With the Carrycot Stand
The Carrycot Stand also comes flat packed but only takes minutes to assemble. You attach your Cosmopolitan bassinet via adjustable straps & hooks on either side.

Although quite lightweight, once you have your bassinet attached the Carrycot stand is very stable. It’s also nice & wide so even if it’s in a high traffic area it’s unlikely to be rocked or bumped over.

Because it’s lightweight, the Carrycot Stand is easy to move around the house, indoors or out. The large basket is a nifty place to stash your toys, pram accessories/parts or bedding.

Consider this …
The Cosmopolitan bassinet is white, white, white. And while this looks beautiful for your new baby to sleep in, it takes about 5 seconds to get dribbled on & dirty. The good news is the textiles are fully removable & machine washable but will (because they are quite thick) take a while to dry. During this time you don’t have the use of your bassinet.

When on the stroller the Cosmopolitan bassinet is slightly wobbly (from front to back). If you have a bigger baby they can slide in the bassinet when you go up & down steep curbs. Then the bassinet can get slightly unbalanced and they slide a little more.

Because the Cosmopolitan bassinet is deeper than the standard Cosmopolitan seat it’s much easier for the sun to come in under the stroller hood. I’d recommend getting a sun shade.

It’s difficult to access the huge under seat basket with the bassinet on your Cosmopolitan. stroller Similarly, when you use the bassinet with the stand, you can’t access the under stand basket.

The Cosmopolitan bassinet is not waterproof.

The verdict …
The Comopolitan Bassiet & Carrycot stand are not products I would have considered buying myself. However, since we’ve taken them out of the box we’ve used them all day, everyday. They are such a useful pair of products.

What’s more, we’ve had parents stop us in the street to comment on the size of the Cosmopolitan Bassinet. Many wishing that their bassinet was as big.

If Mountain Buggy was to make the Cosmopolitan Bassinet with mesh sides, not only would it be fantastic for our upcoming summer but it would make it suitable for long night sleeps. This would make the Cosmopolitan stroller + Bassinet + Carrycot stand the ultimate indoor/outdoor baby product.

Thanks to our little tester, Felix, who slept through the writing of this review in the Cosmopolitan bassinet!

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