The Minimonkey Minichair is a little sling-like portable, fabric seat harness. It fits almost all chairs that have a back.  It’s suitable for your baby from 6 to 36 months or so.

The Minimonkey Minichair is made from 100% cotton and comes in turquoise, dark gray & orange colours.

We love …

  • fits almost any chair with a back
  • compact
  • easy to use
  • machine washable

In use …
The Minimonkey Minichair is effectively a little sling that goes through your baby’s legs and is then attached to your chair with 2 side & 1 back strap.

It’s pretty easy to use, set it up on your chair (the three straps clipped together), slide your baby in and tighten the side straps. Once your baby is in, the Minichair is secure. No amount of wriggling will loosen the Minichair’s straps and there’s a red security loop at the back as a back up to the main clip; just in case.

The Minichair features a padded strap across the front to support your child and assists them to sit up in the chair, rather than slide down.

When you’ve finished, just unclip your Minichair, roll it and toss it in your stroller basket or baby bag.

If your Minimonkey Minichair gets grubby pop it straight into your washing machine.

Consider this …

The Australian standard for high chairs specifies a 5 point harness. The Minimonkey Minichair is equivalent to a 3 point harness. The trick with the Minichair is to ensure the side straps are high under your child’s armpits so they can’t lean forward and tip out.

For extra security I’d suggest you roll the ends of any loose straps up & tuck them into the security loops on either side to avoid the possibility of the straps being used to pull the chair over.  (for those who may have other small children about)

The verdict …
The Minimonkey Minichair is a simple solution to a common problem and can be used pretty much anywhere. It’s great for everyday at the cafe or while travelling (the Minichair would fit over a plane seat).





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