The Minimonkey baby carrier is a structured carrier suitable to carry your baby from birth to approximately 3 years.  It’s adjustable to fit different sized parents and offers you 4 caring positions including front & back.

The Minimonkey Baby Carrier is made from cotton and currently comes in dark grey, purple red & turquoise.

Price: $129.90

Availability: Minimonkey stockists online & in store

We love …

  • 4 carrying positons
  • one size fits all
  • lightweight for a fully supported carrier
  • carry your baby up to 3 years

In use …
The Minimonkey baby carrier is pretty easy to put on, and despite all its straps is pretty intuitive to adjust. The Minimonkey offers 4 carrying positions including both facing front & back carrying positions which is a unique combo on the Australian market.

For your baby’s comfort the Minimonkey grows with your baby. For a newborn it provides a frog carrying position and wobbly heads are fully supported. As your baby grows they can move to the more traditonal belly to belly position with your baby’s bottom supported by the carrier. There’s a detachable hood that supports your baby’s head when they want to have a snooze.

When your baby is ready you can move them to front facing (they love this). There’s a pair of zips on the front of the carrier that can be opened to accommodate chubby legs. Finally, the back carrying position will accommodate your baby up to approximately 3 years.

For you, the Minimonkey carrier is designed to distribute the majority of your baby’s weight around your hips and stomach rather than shoulders & back. There’s lots of padding on the shoulders and waist for your comfort.

Depending on your child’s weight you’ll comfortably use your Minimonkey carrier for about 3 hours. This time period will decrease as your baby grows bigger.

For a structured carrier, the Minimonkey is pretty lightweight. It’s fully machine washable but I’d be inclined to dry it in the shade so it doesn’t fade.

Finally, the Minimonkey carrier features a little hand pocket (for parents) which is a nice feature for a comfy carrier cuddle.

Consider this …
The Minimonkey baby carrier is fully adjustable for both you and your baby so has lots of straps & flaps which you need to learn how to use. The good news is that Minimonkey have a variety of easy to follow instructional videos on their website.

I’ve yet to find a carrier where you can get your baby on your back by yourself. The Minimonkey is no exception. 4 hands are much more effective than 2 when you are carrying your baby on your back.

When using any baby sling or carrier always ensure there is plenty of air circulating around your baby’s head and follow the safety instructions.

The verdict …
It’s not often that you find a baby carrier that offers a genuine alternative to those already on the market. The Minimonkey baby carrier offers a unique design and carrying combination.

You’ll find the Minimonkey carrier at Minimonkey and their stockists nationwide.

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