The Keter Multi Dine High Chair can be converted from a standard high chair, to a booster seat, to a toddler seat.

The Multi Dine High Chair is suitable for your child from 6 months to approx 4 years. It’s available in green, red, purple & blue.

Price:  $249

Availability: Baby Bunting

We love …

  • adapts to your child’s changing needs
  • easy to keep clean
  • easy to store
  • adjustable tray

In use …
Out of the box the Keter Multi Dinner High Chair comes in 2 pieces, the tray & seat. The legs & footrest are stored in the base of the seat unit. It’s pretty easy to put together, it will take no longer than 5 minutes and it’s time for dinner.

As a high chair, the Keter Multi Diner is suitable for your baby from 6 months. The seat provides good support for a newly sitting baby & the 5 point harness is positioned quite high which provides additional support. The removable seat liner softens the plastic seat a little.

The tray is a decent size in front but a little short on the sides. You’ll fit a child’s size melamine plate on it and a sippy cup, but that’s about it.

Having said that, one of my favourite features of the Keter Multi Diner is the tray, it’s adjustable in a way that minimises the space between your baby & the tray which reduces the amount of food your baby slurps on their lap. The tray also features a little lip to prevent spills over the side & has a removable top tray which makes it much easier to clean up during & after a meal.

The Keter Multi Diner High Chair converts to a booster seat in minutes (for your child from 18 months). Add the two booster straps to the inside of the seat and attach it to your chair. The Keter Mulit Dine will fit most chairs with a decent sized seat and a high back.

As a booster seat, the Keter Multi Diner has two heights (with & without the base) and can be used with or without the tray, i.e. at your dining table.

When your child is ready to sit independently (from about 3 years), shorten the legs & remove the harness from your Keter Multi Dine to create a little seat. Of course you can mix & match the function of the Multi Dine High Chair at any time depending on your child’s age & needs.

Keeping your Multi Dine High Chair clean is easy. Simply wipe down the seat & tray, there’s no nooks & crannies to trap food. Both the removable seat liner & tray can go straight into the dishwasher. The harness is also easy to remove so it can go in the wash (which is really handy because high chair harnesses can get really grubby).

The Keter Multi Dine High Chair is quite stable both with your child sitting in it or pulling it forward from the front. The larger (but lightweight) seat unit makes it a little more stable than most, similar, style high chairs. The seat also features a little handle in the back so you can easily pick it up & carry it around.

When you are finished with your Multi Dine High Chair, the legs & foot rest all pack away in the base unit for storage.

Consider this …
The Keter Multi Dine High Chair is more expensive than some of the more basic convertible style high chairs on the market. It does offer significantly more versatility & function though.

A spilt drink can easily run underneath the removable seat liner & potentially inside the seat unit as well (although the latter is unlikely, you never know with babies!).

You have to thread the booster seat straps though a plastic toggle & then tighen to secure the Multi Dine to a chair. This is a bit awkward, especially under the chair. A clip would be much easier to use.

The verdict …
Of all the convertible high chairs we’ve reviewed, the Keter Multi Dine is the most versatile & the best quality. The booster seat option, in particular, provides you with even more ways to use it.

The ability to pack the legs & footrest inside the seat unit also makes it reasonably portable.

You’ll get many years’ use from your Keter Multi Dine High Chair.

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