A lot of consideration has been put into the design and features of Grobag sleeping bags. The infant bags are fastened above the arms and below the armpits with poppers. The toddler bags zip with the zip at the bottom so your baby can’t undo themselves. The zip has a lining on the inside so it doesn’t rub against your baby’s skin and the bags even have a chin guard.

We Like …

  • well made from quality materials
  • uses TOG rating system
  • lots of designs and colours
  • lots of features

In use …
One of the nice things about Grobags is the fabric against the skin is always 100% cotton which is a nice feeling for your baby. The bags are designed to allow air to circulate around your baby’s body while keeping them nice and warm.

They are nice quality, well made and come in an extensive range of colours and designs. You can get a travel version which has a hole between the legs for a pram or car seat restraint.

Consider this …

No matter where your baby goes the Grobag goes with them so they are always going to be warm in their bed no matter what the season. This sleeping bag will keep your baby comfortable during the night which will help them sleep better.

Grobag uses a TOG rating system to help you determine the best weight for the season and your nursery conditions.

Some babies are able to get one leg, sometimes even two, through the holes of the travel version. (I’ve seen it done!)

The verdict …
The Growbag is a better than average sleeping bag at a higher than average price. But the advantages and quality outweigh the extra cost.

Grobag is part of Bambini International and make every kind of sleeping bag imaginable. They are the leading sellers of sleeping bags in Australia and the UK and have won several baby gear awards.

You can buy your Grobags directly from Gro Store Australia





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