The Globber MyFREE 5 in 1 scooter converts to 5 different modes to grow with your toddler as they grow and become a more confident rider.

The Globber MyFree 5 in 1 scooter is suitable for your child from 12 months to 6 years (or 50 kgs).

It comes with a toddler seat unit and parent handle which can be used for toddlers from 12 months. Then the Globber MyFree 5 in 1 converts to a standard 3 wheel scooter for your child up to 50kgs.


The Globber MyFree 5 in 1 comes in green, blue & pink

Price: $200

Availability: Globber Scooters online and selected bike & scooter retailers.

We love …

  • accommodates your child in 5 different modes from 1 to 6 years
  • parent control or toddler indépendance
  • great quality
  • ditch the pram for short trips

In use …

Out-of-the-box, the Globber MyFree scooter takes about 5 minutes to assemble and you are ready to hit the road.


The Globber MyFree 5 in 1 scooter can be configured in 5 different ways, dependant on the age and experience of your child.

  • newbie 12months+ (seat, toddler foot rest & parent handle)
  • experienced toddler (removed footrest)
  • toddler ride-on (removed parent handle)
  • pre-schooler scooter (scooter style, lower handle bar & wheel lock)
  • big kids (scooter style, higher handle bar)

In toddler mode, you’ll be surprised how quickly your child will adjust to riding on their Globber 5 in 1 scooter.  You start with the seat, foot rest and parent handlebar combination.  This configuration is great for trips to the park or shops.  It’s designed to get your child used to balancing on a scooter and grow their confidence.  The directional turning (balanced based steering) enables you to easily manoeuvre the scooter around obstacles and corners.

When your toddler is more confident and balancing well on their MyFree scooter, you can remove the footrest so your child gets used to tucking their feet in under their scooter.  This will further improve their balance, especially when turning.  In this configuration it’s easy to remove the parent handle so your child can also use their Globber 5 in 1 scooter as a ride-on.

globber-scooter-5-in-1When your child is ready, you can remove the seat and convert the Globber MyFree 5 in 1 into a standard 3 wheel scooter.  The MyFree scooter features a wheel lock which makes it easier for little scooter riders to learn (they’ll get the speed first, the steering comes later).  The Globber’s deck is wide and low to the ground making it stable & easier to use for pre-schoolers.

Finally, the Globber MyFree 5 in 1 converts to a kids sized, fully functioning scooter.  The MyFree’s handlebar has 3 heights (one height for toddlers, two heights for bigger kids) so it will grow as your child grows.  The Globber guide is suitable to 6 years or 50kgs.  In reality, your child may get many more years out of it, depending on their interest in moving on to a two-wheel scooter.

Globbers scooters are great quality with well-designed & hard wearing parts.  They will provide your child with at least 4 years of scoot’n about.  Longer is your store your scooter indoors or in the garage.

Consider this …

Toddlers can become more confident and faster on the Globber 5 in 1 scooter than you might expect.  It’s best to invest in a helmet at the same time you buy your scooter so that your child gets into a routine of wearing a helmet every time you take out their Globber scooter.

The parent handle is a great feature of the Globber 5 in 1, you may find that your steering is a little stiff at first because you’re worried about your child’s balance.  Once you both get used to it (a couple of outings), you’ll both be whizzing around town like you’ve been at it for years.

The verdict …

In comparison to trikes & bikes with parent handles, the Globber MyFree 5 in 1 scooter represents great value.  Not only does the Globber MyFree 5 in 1 have a longer life than a trike or bike, they are significantly easier to use & more manoeuvrable in it’s toddler configurations.

Globber MyFree scooters also get our toddler testers thumbs-up, our MyFree 4 in 1 continues to be very popular now with have moved onto the pre-schooler configuration.  We expect to get many more years of joy from it.

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  1. July 3, 2016 @ 4:13 pm veraneeka

    Seeing my husband and his little girl side by side on there little adventures together, This would be amazing for my first new born baby Christmas present, knowing that this has many uses and different stages of her life as she grows, save buying a bike, she would be the coolest kid on the street.

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