The Ergo is basically the design of a proper hiking backpack; a pouch for your baby, two padded shoulder straps, a thick hip strap and clip that fastens across your front or back to keep the shoulder straps on.

It comes in four standard colours, black, camel and cranberry, and you can get contrasting and patterned liners and inserts.

We love …

  • from infancy to 4 years
  • well made
  • ergonomically designed for both baby and parent
  • great colour options


In use …

You can wear the Ergo Baby Original three ways, front, back and hip and is suitable for use from infancy with the insert up to 4 years or 18kgs.

The carrier is well made and has a reasonably sized pocket for parents stuff and a little roll out head support for when your baby is sleeping. It is 100% cotton and fully machine washable.

You can get a variety of accessories including a waist extender, suck pads (not for you, your baby!), backpack, tote bag, front pack and infant insert. It also comes in a sport and organic option.

Consider this …
This carrier is one of the most comfortable for use for longer periods of time, it is designed to distribute your baby’s weight across your hips and shoulders. Your baby actually sits on their bottom in this carrier rather than suspended from their crotch; this takes the pressure of their hips, pelvis and spine.

For a baby under 5 months you require an additional insert which you have to buy separately. Some parents find the insert easy and practical to use but others find it fiddly.

The Ergo is very well designed and made with lots of smart details. The cotton fabric is thick and durable, maybe a little thick for a hot summers day, but nice and soft. The infant insert is also super soft.

Getting your baby in from the front is easy, from the back is more difficult and can be a little fiddly. It does come with an instructional DVD which is very useful.

Also the little strap clip can be a little difficult to do up across your back when you have your baby in front.

The verdict …
If you are concerned about getting your baby in and out have a look at the instructional videos before you buy, also try it on in the shop to see how you go. If you can get it on, in all likelihood you and your baby will love it.

Babes in Arms occasionally have discounted Ergos available, otherwise pick one up when the bigger baby stores have their 10% off storewide sales.

Ergo Baby is a mum invented product produced by her small family company located in Hawaii.

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  1. June 26, 2015 @ 2:13 pm cleo sids

    Handy and easy to carry , comfort and ease would be great for walks.

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