The Dyson V6 Absolute is the latest top-of-the-range Dyson stick vacuum.

The Dyson V6 Absolute Stick vacuum features a digital motor and comes with 2 cleaner heads, a combination tool, a crevice tool, a mini motorised tool and a docking station.

Price: $899

Availability: Dyson online and Dyson stockists nationwide

We love …

  • portability
  • super suction
  • easy to empty
  • great for quick clean

dyson-v6-absolute-vacuumIn use …

I’ve always been a traditional barrel-style vacuum user so I was interested to see what the Dyson V6 stick vacuum had to offer that my super-duper Bosh didn’t.  I was pleasantly surprised.


The first thing to note about the Dyson V6 stick vacuum is that it’s super easy to get out & use.  It’s hanging on the wall, ready charged, much easier to access that getting out the big vacuum from the cupboard.  The V6 motor is quite lightweight so the stick vacuum design is easy to handle and having no cord is such a huge bonus.  Usually I have to move the plug 3 time when vacuuming our combined dining/lounge room/hall, with the Dyson V6 Absolute I can just walk around the room with no need to drag a heavy vacuum behind me.

Using the attachments is easy and logical.  They click on like pieces of a puzzle and when you use the you can feel they are great quality and will take the rough & tumble of daily use.  Because the Dyson V6 is so light, I’ve found that I use the attachments a lot more because it’s so much easier to get up & down the stairs, high into corners and right to the top of curtains & blinds.

Here is a snapshot of some of the features …


The suction power of the Dyson VC Absolute is great, particularly for really fine dirt & particles.  On it’s first use, the Dyson V6 picked up a ton of sand that had been traipsed through the house and onto the carpet.  The Dyson Absolute picked up almost everything our barrel-vacuum does except for larger leaves.  That’s pretty impressive for a unit that’s so much smaller.

Emptying the Dyson V6 is really easy, you just hold the motor unit over the bin and flip the quick-release switch and the bottom falls open.  One of the things I love about the Dyson V6 Absolute is that it has a clear barrel, so it’s really easy to see & retrieve tiny treasure like Lego.  This is a big bonus in my Lego loving household, there’s always a piece or two that gets sucked up and usually it gets nasty when I have to fish them out.

The Dyson V6 Absolute features a HEPA filter which can be cleaned with a wash.  No need for any replacements parts at all. Also the heads come apart for easy cleaning and can be washed.

dyson-stick-vacuum-v6-absolute dyson-v6-absolute-vacuum-handy

Consider this …

You get between 15 and 20 minutes battery life from the Dyson V6.  For me, that will do about a quarter of my house (really througholy).  Personally, I’d like a bit more battery life for bigger cleaning sessions.

The docking station is well designed and easy to use but does need to be mounted on the wall.  This is not so great for renters.  You can rest the charger on a flat service and just put the motor in to charge.  It works but is not quite as easy to use as having the charger wall mounted.

The verdict …

The Dyson V6 Absolute stick vacuum has actually changed the way I clean.  It’s much easier and quicker to clean those little messes & spills that happen all the time and get to those tricker places that I usually leave for a ‘spring’ clean.  For me, this convince is well worth the purchase price.

Looking around my lounge room now I can see it’s time for a 15 minute vac …

Check out this fun video that Kate did with her kids and see how they clean up with Dyson!

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