Make a perfect baby bottle of formula in 2 minutes. No, it’s not super nanny, it’s Closer to Nature’s Perfect Prep Machine and it’s here to make our life easier.  Thanks to Closer to Nature, we have one to giveaway.

It’s the middle of the night, you need to make up a bottle (or even two if you’ve got twins!).  The pressure is on but that doesn’t make it any easier for your half-asleep body & brain to pull it together before your baby looses it.  But you’ve been smart, in the waking hours you’ve set your Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine up and all you need to do … is press the green button and bingo!  In 2 minutes your baby’s bottle is ready to go.  Perfect measurements, perfect temperature, every time.

We wanted to put it to the ultimate test so sent our Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine to reader & super mum of twins, Sarah. This is what she had to say…

We were attempting to wean our 10 month old twins from demand breastfeeding with little success as I found myself continuously giving in to them instead of dealing with juggling their cries and bottles. I thought I’d bought just about everything to make our lives easier, but this is one of the best investments by far!

The initial setup was simple, you only need to keep the water tank topped-up to have bottles ready at the touch of a button. Being able to offer bottles that we know are the same temperature every time really cuts out the guesswork, and the task of measuring the formula yourself guarantees that formula measurements are correct. It’s ideal that the design accommodates all bottle brands, types, and sizes with the adjustable holding tray; we were even using it to fill their sippy cups instead of having to boil and cool water.

And the 3am feeds… Well now they’re bearable! After just a few uses our babies seemed conditioned to the beeps of the machine and would instantly calm knowing that a feed was being prepared. Making a bottle (pouring boiling water) really isn’t safe in the vicinity of children, and with twins we’re usually holding one, so the Perfect Prep Machine has actually made our house safer too.

The Perfect Prep Machine would suit both first time parents and parents of multiple children as it guarantees a safe consistent serving temperature and calls for minimal work from the parent. I was cheeky enough to take it with me to sleep school for a week and also had single parents commenting how much easier it would make their lives too!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, thanks Sarah. Check the Closer to Nature website for your local stockist.

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