The Closer to Nature Express & Go system is a breast milk storage and feeding system that uses pouches so your milk goes directly from boob to freezer to feeding.

The Express & Go Complete Starter Set contains everything you need to get established in your breast milk storage and feeding routine.

In the box you’ll find 20 breast milk pouches, breast pump adaptors for most major brand breast pumps, a pouch storage case, 2 x extra flow teats, 2 x pouch bottles and a pouch and bottle warmer.

Price: $130

Availability: Babies R Us and your local or online Closer to Nature stockist.

We love …

  • starter kit contains everything you need
  • compatible with most breast milk pumps
  • well designed storage tray
  • reasonably priced

In use …

The Closer to Nature Express & Go system is designed to be a single breast milk system from pumping to storing and feed heating to feeding.  You pump your breast milk directly into the storage pouch, store the pouches in the fridge or freezer in the storage case, defrost and/or heat the pouch in the warmer and click the pouch into the pouch bottle for a feed.

Pump & store


The Express & Go pouches come pre-serialised and ready to use. They screw straight into the breast pump adaptor. There’s space on the pouch to write the date of expression and anything else relevant (it’s best to write these on the pouches before you fill them). The pouches will stand when they are full.


Once pumped & labeled your Express & Go pouches can be stored in the storage case which holds up to 12 pouches. The Express & Go storage case can be used in the fridge or freezer. It’s nifty that it has a lid so you can pack it into your fridge or freezer if it’s like mine and is full.

Heat & feed


The Closer to Nature Express & Go warmer is electric. In addition to heating the Express & Go pouches, the warmer is also suitable to warm other pouches and bottles. It uses a water bath to gently warm the milk and maintain its nutrients.

The warmer has quite a few warming options which include warming milk from room temperature, from the fridge and from the freezer. Pouches go straight into a little basket into the water bath which makes the warmer very simple to use.  The automatic timer warms the breast milk to your specifications.

Once the breast milk in the pouch is warm, your screw the pouch into the teat adaptor and teat. Then click it into the pouch bottle ready for a feed. If you need to stand your complete bottle you need to make sure the pouch is balanced in the bottle.

The teats are the standard Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature teats designed to make transition from breast to bottle as easy as possible.  The large soft feel of the teat make them feel as breast-like as possible and the Easi-Vent valve prevents your baby from ingesting air during their feed.


A clear measure on the outside of the pouch means you can easily see how much breast milk your baby has consumed.

Keeping your Closer to Nature Express & Go system is easy to keep clean. All pump and bottle pieces (not pouches) can be sterilised or go in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Extra pouches and bottles plus replacement breast pump adaptors and warmers are available as optional extras.

Consider this …

The Closer to Nature pouches are not reusable, which is a shame when you consider how many you may use. Additional pouches cost approximately $1 each so they’re not cheap.  Also, at the moment the pouches only come in up to 180ml size. As your child grows, they may require a feed up to 250ml.

The shape of the pouch bottle is quite wide. They do have little ridges on the side to allow you to grip the bottle as you feed but you might find it feels a little uncomfortable after a while.  Also the bottle shape is not suitable for baby self-feeding when the time comes.

Finally, there’s also an Express & Go Starter Set available, don’t confuse it with the Complete Starter Set as it doesn’t include the storage case or the warmer.

The verdict …

The Closer to Nature Express & Go Complete Starter Set is well designed for it’s purpose with every breast feeding pumping, storing and feeding need considered.

The initial start up costs are quite reasonable, especially consider it includes the bottle warmer.  But you’ll want to factor in the ongoing cost of the pouches.


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