Suitable for your baby from 4 months onwards, the Closer to Nature cup range has a style of cup suited to every baby’s need at every age.

Price: from $10

Availability: Toys R Us and other Closer to Nature stockists including some local supermarkets

We love …

  • non-spill valve
  • mix & match tops + bottoms
  • insulated option for hot days
  • reasonably priced

In use …
From 4 months the Closer to Nature Sippee Cup features a soft spout and removable handles.


From 6 months, your child might want to move onto the Closer to Nature Straw cup which features a flip down straw and removable handles.


From 9 months the insulated Closer to Nature sippee cup is larger and features a soft spout and easy to grip sides.  There’s also a straw version that features a flip out straw.


From 12 months the Closer to Nature Sports Bottle features a longer soft spout and easy grip sides.


Whats really useful about the Closer to Nature baby & toddler cup range is that all the parts are interchangeable so if your baby has a preference for handles or a type of straw or spout, you can maintain or change the combination of tops, bottoms and handles as your child grows.

Closer to Nature cups all feature non-drip valves.  These are quite effective and I’m happy to have my toddler potter about the house carrying his cup without worrying about spills on the carpet.  They’re also fine to pack in lunch boxes or in prams.  The water will dribble out though, if your toddler gives their cup a good upside down shake.

All the Closer to Nature cup range are well designed for little hands & mouths.  The BPA-free plastics are soft to the touch and flexible so they won’t break if tossed from the pram.  All feature hand grips and are just the right size for easy grasping.

One thing I love about these Closer to Nature cups is that the handles are soft and flexible for good grip, but don’t swivel around the cup.  Also, I quite like the colours & prints.

Finally, it’s easy to keep your Closer to Nature babies & toddlers cups clean by rising them out under the tap and popping them in the dishwasher.

Consider this …
The sports bottle doesn’t have a lid.  I’m not sure that it matters much because we always loose unattached lids, but my family (including our toddler tester) love to toss sippy cups in the bottom of the pram so the spout of the Sports cup will get icky under there without a lid.

The verdict …
These Closer to Nature baby & toddlers cups are great.  They’re robust, easy to clean and inexpensive.  It’s easy to have a few around the house so that your toddler can get used to getting a drink for themselves when they need it.

Also, the insulated versions are going to be great to maintain hydration in summer.  Especially if your baby still likes a nice drink of milk.

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  1. August 11, 2016 @ 6:28 pm Geraldine

    Being a busy mum with two little girls, one a toddler and a new born. Convenience, care and cleanliness is essential to our daily routine. I have a range of Closer to Nature sippy cups and I don’t know what I would do without them! I use them everyday and night, I keep a Closer to Nature sippy cup in my toddlers bed each night so she can have a drink of water when she wants. And it won’t spill all over my toddler and the bed. And the same goes at home around the rest of the house and on outings my toddler can’t spill her drink everywhere including on herself. I look forward to using all the Closer to Nature sippy cups for my second daughter too.

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