The Balance Buddy is a balance bike which has no pedals or break.  It’s designed to get your toddler or pre-schooler balancing confidently, then straight onto a standard bike.  No training wheels required.

The Balance Buddy is suitable for your toddler from 2 years to approximately 5 years.  It comes in red & white, green & white and my all-time favourite bumble bee, yellow & black.

Price: $119

Available: Balance Buddy online

We love …

  • a great alternative to training wheels
  • easy to put together
  • longevity
  • lightweight

In use …

The Balance Buddy comes ready to assemble with it’s own tools, our Made 4 Baby dad had it together in 10 minutes.

The Balance Buddy’s seat adjusts to 3 different heights and the handlebar to 2 different levels so you can configure it to suit your toddler or pre-schooler’s size.  Balance Buddy recommend that your child sit comfortably on their bike with their feet flat and knees slightly bent to start off.

Our daredevil tester was completely delighted with his Balance Buddy.  Being only 3.5kgs and having no peddles he found the bike easy to manoeuvre.  As our tester is only 2, he started by pushing the bike next to him to get a feel for it.  Then he got onto the seat (which is nice and wide to give good support) and walked around on the bike.  Within weeks he’s transitioned to short scoots down the street, progressively getting more confident … especially wearing his Nutcase Helmet.

Balance Buddy claim, that because of the lightweight and simple design, kids get confident quickly on their bike.  We’ve certainly found this to be true with our toddlers firm ‘I do it’ as soon as he grasped onto his bike.  You can see how light and easy to manage this bike is for a small child and there’s no peddles to bang into their legs and no heavy frame for them to hold up or, worse, fall on them.

The main difference, though, between a balance bike and a traditional bike with training wheels is that a balance bike is designed to encourage your child to learn to balance without the need to concentrate on pedals or a brake.  Getting their balance right is the most important skill your child needs to master before they can ride independently.  Children who learn to ride on a balance bike often learn to ride earlier and transition from the balance bike straight to a standard bike without the need for training wheels or other support.balance-buddy-balance-bike

We live in a pro-bike suburb and my older son is currently learning to ride in a council provided program.  The staff there were impressed with the quality of the Balance Buddy and keen on the balance technique as being the most effective way for children to learn to ride (my almost 8 year old is also learning to ride a bigger bike that’s been converted to a balance bike).

Made from durable plastic, the Balance Buddy won’t discolour, splinter or break down like many of the wooden balance bikes on the market.  It doesn’t matter if its ridden through puddles or mud, just hose it down in the back yards and leave it to dry in the sun.

The wheels on the Balance Buddy are made from EVA foam (like we often see on prams), they provide some cushioning but don’t need any maintenance like pumping.  Also, they are durable and puncture proof.

Finally, if you’re off to the park the Balance Buddy is easy to toss into the back of your car, no peddles or edges to worry about.  We’ve event managed to bungy cord it it our walking pram because the bike’s so light.

Consider this …
The Balance Buddy’s steering has a little tension in it.  We loosened it a little with some WD40.

There’s not much difference between the heights of the handlebar.  It didn’t make any difference to our toddler tester, just noted for accuracy.

The Balance Buddy has no padding on the seat.  Personally I don’t think this is a problem, if anything, it makes the bike more durable and weather proof.



The verdict …

The Balance Buddy is a sturdy little balance bike at a reasonable price.  It’s adjustable seat & handlebars plus it durable construction means this little bike will be a toddler and pre-schooler favourite for years.

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