I was lucky enough to review the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander 7-Seat Exceed 4WD for a week and put it through our intensive Made 4 Baby road test.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a mix of luxury, style, safety and versatility all in a single package.  Available in a 5-seat or 7-seater model with choices of 2WD and 4WD models, the Mitsubishi Outlander ticks all the boxes.

Price:  Expect to pay as low as $30,000 for the 5-seat model and up to $48,000 for the Outlander Exceed 7 Seater.

We love …

  • Luxury and style
  • Affordability
  • Gadgets
  • Attention to detail

In use …

My first impression after jumping into the Mitsubishi Outlander was surprise!  It’s apparent that Mitsubishi have covered all bases with the Outlander and spared no expense ensuring they haven’t missed any tech gadgets or gizmos.  Luxurious leather seats with inbuilt front seat heaters, sunroof, fancy dashboard controls, a high definition 7 inch touch screen satellite navigation with digital radio ensure that you will be travelling in style during your journey.


Whilst the Outlander seems compact from the outside, it doesn’t feel like that on the inside.  My family found the Outlander roomy and the kids had no trouble accessing the 3rd row seats.  There’s loads of room for our 2 kids to sit in the back comfortably.
To accommodate our car seats, the Outlander features 3 anchor points; 2 of them ISOFIX compatible.


The second thing I noticed as I started driving was the Paddle Shift.  If you are like me you may be saying ‘what is that?’.  Well, even though the Exceed is an Automatic, the Paddle Shift allows the option of driving as a manual (XLS and EXCEED models only).

If you love gadgets and technical gizmos like I do then you will be pleasantly surprised by the Outlanders long list of features.  My personal favourite is the external side mirrors that are motorised and automatically fold in when you park, great for those tight squeeze parking spaces and narrow street parking.  There’s the Satellite Navigation system which automatically adjusts from the day bright screen to a dimmer night screen and then, when it starts to rain the windscreen wipers automatically come on!

Mitsubishi’s Smart Key allows a keyless entry to all doors including the tailgate, making it easy to open the doors and tailgate when your hands are full (of baby, pram, shopping etc).  The keyless ignition is an added bonus, especially if you’re a mum like me who is always losing her car keys in her hand bag.

The boot space is quite roomy.  I have friends who always complain about the lack of room in the back of their 7 seaters.  The Outlander seems to have those extra few centimetres, just what you need for your pram!  I also like it when the 3rd row seats are down flat, you can easily lift over the retractable boot cover to cover anything you wish to store in the back.

I also really like the reverse parking sensors.  Not only can you see what is behind you, the Outlander will alert you if there are objects behind you.  This is a great feature when parking at the shopping centre. 

I am just outlining the Forward Collision Mitigation as I definitely wasn’t going to put it to the test!  Your Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed has eyes of its own and will detect frontal obstructions and issue an audio alert when there is danger of collision, automatically applying the brakes to avoid collision or reduce impact.  I think it’s amazing technology.


Finally, one of the most important things that families will look for when contemplating a 4WD and/or 7 seater vehicle is fuel consumption.  This would have to be one of the stand-out functions of the Outlander.  Unlike some of it’s competitors, the Outlander has great fuel efficiency.  If you are looking for a Diesel option then expect to burn around 6.2 litres per 100km.  What I found great was that the petrol engines were not that much more … using less than 8 litres of fuel per 100km.  Quite amazing when you look at some other 7 seaters that use almost double the fuel!


Consider this …

At first I wondered if the Paddle Shift was really necessary however one drive down to the South Coast of NSW (via Wollongong along the Princes Highway) and you will soon find a use for this feature allowing you to control the speed and power as you cruise up and down through the winding hills.

Some may prefer a 6 cylinder 4WD for power, and may overlook the Outlander’s 4 cylinder engine.  And whilst I thought this may be an issue at first, Mitsubishi seem to have responded to this with their Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).  The CVT controls the gear ratios, maximises power and allows the car to operate at the optimum RPM.  I tried to test this by experimenting with the take off speed and was surprised at how quickly the Outlander responded.  In short, the economical engine and fuel efficiency doesn’t compromise the power. 

The verdict …

Mitsubishi  have managed to find a unique balance of luxury & power with affordability & efficiency and bundled it altogether in the new 2016 Outlander.  I liked the fact that the base model is affordable and there is also the option of added luxury with the Exceed model.

More information about the Mitsubishi Outlander can be found here

I had some fun making this little video with the kids :-)

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