Recently I had a little baby boy.  Within days is was apparent we were having difficulties with breastfeeding and had to start expressing breast milk & bottle feeding.  To get me started Kate put together this ultimate breast milk pumping kit.

Everyone needs a bit of Kate’s wisdom when it comes to breast milk pumping & bottle feeding.  I was lucky that when, all of a sudden, I needed to start expressing breast milk, I had a friend who knew exactly what I needed to get started.

Here’s what Kate put together for our newly extended family.

The Pump

I’ve been using it for a few days weeks & I’m really impressed with the Spectra S2.  It’s a hospital grade double electric breast pump, easy to use & incredibly efficient.  I love that the timer automatically starts when you turn the pump on & the night light that lights up the panel.  The Spetra S2 is also super quiet in comparison to other breast pumps I’ve used.m4b-spectra-s2-electric-breast-pump

You can hire a Spectra S2 for an initial $95 downpayment (which includes all the accessories you need + postage), then $50 per month.

Breast Milk Storage & Feeding

There’s lots of breast milk storage & feeding products on the market, Kate sent me her favourite, the Kiinde Twist Starter Kit.  This kit includes breast milk storage pouches, pump adaptors, the Kiinde Keeper freezer storage unit, natural feeding bottles & active latch nipples.


The Kiinde Twist Starter Kit is priced at $79.95.

The Pumping Bra

When you’re expressing breast milk up to 8 times a day, hands-free is the only way to go.  Yay! for the PumpEase Pumping Bra which you can wear over your nursing bra to hold the pump flanges (yes that is a real word!) in place so you can have a nice cuppa & a bikkie as you pump.


PumpEase pumping bras start at $49.95 & PumpEase wet bags are priced at $19.95.

The Feeding Cushion

Both dad & big brother are enjoying feeding our new family member using the Milkbar Nursing Pillow.  We scored the ‘professional’ version which has a vinyl cover so is super easy to keep clean.


The Milkbar Nursing Pillow is priced at $69.95, the professional version is priced at $75.95.

The Breast Milk Storage Guide

It’s such a smart idea, with any breastfeeding/pumping order from Made 4 Milk, Kate sends out a magnetic Breastmilk Storage Guideline for your fridge.  I’ve found this quick & easy breast milk storage reference really useful.breastmilk-storage-guidelines

You can get your magnet with your breastfeeding/pumping order from Made 4 Milk or print your own.

The Babysitter

When your’e expressing breast milk you need somewhere safe & close for your baby to rest.  Bouncers are a great option for older babies.  For our little guy, though, we are using the Jane Maternal Breastfeeding Pillow.  It converts from a pregnancy support pillow to a feeding pillow to a baby cushion.  As a baby cushion, the Jane Breastfeeding pillow is the perfect place to rest your infant while you pump.jane-baby-bean-bag-cushion

Nipple & Breast Care

Nothing says ‘ouch’ more than a pair of engorged breast and/or munched nipples. For my relief Kate kindly included some Bosom Buddies Contoured Gel Packs ($29.95) and some Weleda Nipple Care Cream ($27.90).  Thanks Kate!

What else you’ll need …

  • A comfortable & supportive place to express breastmilk & feed your child.  A well designed nursing chair is a good investment.
  • A steam steriliser, either electric or microwavable is a quick & efficient way to sterilise your bottle parts.
  • Antibacterial wipes, paper towel & washing liquid to wash your breast pump parts & baby bottles and keep your sink clean.
  • Stickers & a marker to label your expressed milk before it goes in the fridge or freezer.
  • A large rectangular air-tight container to keep your sterilised bottles & parts in and a similar smaller container to keep your breast pump parts in to keep them clean in between use.
  • A bottle warmer can be useful, especially to warm frozen feeds up to just the right temperature.

If you’ve got an essential to add to our essential breastfeeding kit, please share it with us in the comments below.  In the meantime gotta go & pump!



Vanessa loves great design. Beauty, function and innovation get her excited. When she’s not hunting down the next big baby idea, she’s busy with her day job and being a mum to her 3 lovely boys.


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