Baby sleeping bags make a lot of sense. Not only do they ensure your baby is always snug as a bug as they shuffle around their cot at night but by choosing the right bag warmth you can prevent your baby from overheating and reduce the SIDS risks. That’s where a TOG rating becomes useful.

A TOG rating is basically a warmth rating, the higher the tog the warmer the sleeping bag. The most common TOG ratings in Australia are:

2 – TOG Suitable for cool weather and a nursery temperature of 16 – 20 degrees
1 – TOG For warmer weather and nurseries of 20 – 24 degrees
0.5 – TOG For hot weather and nurseries of 24 – 27 degrees.

TOG ratings are only a guide and it depends on what your baby is wearing and other environmental factors as to what warmth their sleeping bag should be. Also all TOG ratings are not the same, I purchased a .5 rating which was heavy enough for Autumn or Spring weather. Many baby sleeping bags don’t come with a rating at all.

No sleeves allows your baby to better self regulate their body temperature but if you are going out and it’s chilly, a baby sleeping bag with sleeves and a slot in the bottom for your pram harness makes sense.

What size?
Some of baby sleeping bags are so long on your little baby, but they grow into them (and out of them) so fast. The most important thing is to make sure your baby’s head can’t slide through the neck of the bag. That way your baby can’t slide into the bag.

Remember, this is just a guide and SIDS prevention is a serious business. See SIDS and Kids for the latest safe sleeping information.

Made 4 Baby buying tips
Don’t just rely on the TOG rating, make sure you feel the weight of the sleeping bag before you purchase it. Some stores don’t like you taking them out of the bag but insist, it’s a waste of money if you get it home and it’s too light or heavy.

Baby sleeping bags can be expensive, especially as you need a few. Often they are heavily discounted at the end of the season. Take advantage of the lower prices and buy bigger for next year.

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