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Getting ready for summer, Dyson has just released its new range of bladeless fans. Lots of new & improved features make the Dyson Cool a great option for your nursery this summer.

The Dyson bladeless fan has always been a popular choice for families with small children. Not only is the bladeless design safer for little fingers, they are also are better for children who suffer from allergies (with no dust-traping blade cage).

But now the Dyson Cool is even better for your nursery this summer.

Personally, I never found the Dyson Cool noisy, but apparently someone in the Dyson team did, because now it’s 75% quieter. Even at full throttle, you can hardly hear it. Dyson has cleverly incorporated a feature which traps sound without adding any bulk to the slim-lined design.

One of the best new features of the Dyson Cool range is the new remote control and sleep timer. Set the timer to keep your nursery cool during the warmest times of the day & night. Also, a nice neat feature of the remote control is that it’s magnetic. So it sticks to the top of your fan and chubby little hands can’t get hold of it.

Finally, the new Dyson Cool bladeless fan range uses 40% less energy, which is good because this smart technology comes at a very cool price.

The desk fan comes in silver, black & blue is priced at $449, the tower comes in black & silver and is priced at $649, and the big daddy of them all, the pedestal fan is also priced at $649.

The new Dyson cool range is available at your Dyson stockist now.  You can find more information at Dyson online.

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