The short answer to that question is no, you don’t really need a bassinet if you have an alternative safe sleeping place for your baby. However, there are several good reasons why you might choose to use one anyway.

Safe Sleeping …
Having your baby sleep in your room (but not in your bed) for the first 6 to 12 months reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) according to Sids and Kids.

A bassinet is usually the most practical, space saving option for your bedroom.

Portability …
There are lots of reasons why you may wish to move your baby’s bed around. If you have a large house, if you stay overnight at nanna’s a lot, if you travel regularly. Or you may just like having your baby sleep close during the day.

A portable bassinet will allow you to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping place for your baby wherever you need it.


Ease of use …
It is much easier to tend to a baby in a bassinet. They are higher so you don’t need to bend into a cot to tuck them in or comfort them.

Don’t underestimate how helpful this is to a new mum who has just gone through the ringer of giving birth.

Limited room …
Obviously if you have limited space, a bassinet for the first six months is much more practical than a full sized cot.

Comfort …
Your tiny new baby is used to being confined in a compact space and they look so small in a big cot. Sometimes you feel more comfortable putting your baby to bed in a smaller, more accessible place to sleep.

Important note …
There are no Australian Safety Standards for bassinets so follow the Australian Government guidelines for safe sleeping:

  • ensure your bassinet has a wide and stable base and sits on a stable floor
  • remove all ribbon and ties to prevent strangulation
  • the sides should be at least 300mm high measured from the mattress base
  • use a firm mattress that is a snug fit and not thicker than 75mm

Providing a safe place to sleep for your baby is the number one priority. SIDS prevention is critical. See the Sids and Kids website for the latest information.

Made 4 Baby Buying Tip
Make sure you follow the Aussie Government guidelines listed above.

Made 4 Baby Value Tip
Because of short periods of use bassinets are a great bit of baby gear to buy second hand. Check out eBay or your local Baby & Kids Market




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