Until you are out and about with your new baby you don’t understand how important choosing the right pram or stroller is. With so many options on the market choosing the right pram has become a modern parenting skill.

Pram mistakes are costly so do yourself a favour and follow our guide to finding the right pram for you first time.

Firstly, here’s a brief summary of typical types of prams and their features …

For your newborn
• Bassinet or flat recline
• Forward and rear facing seat
• Soft, supportive interior
• Good ventilation
• Good sun protection
mountain-buggy-urban-jungle For recreation
• Large rear wheels
• Large inflatable wheels
• Lockable swivel wheels
• Suspension
• Comfortable seat
• Reclining seat
• Good sun protection
For shopping and short urban trips
• Compact size
• 4 wheels (usually)
• Small hard swivel wheels
• Lightweight
• Sturdy enough to carry shopping
• Large under seat basket
• Easy to fold
babyZen-yoyo-m4b For travel
• Lightweight
• Smallest fold you can find
• Comfortable seat
• Reclining seat
• Good sun protection
• Travel bag optional accessory

Secondly, figure out which type of pram is best for you …

Prams come in so many shapes and sizes it can be difficult to find one that best suits your needs. It is particularly tricky as your needs change as your baby grows older. To determine what you need consider your answer to the following questions.

• How much can I afford?

Primary Use
• What activities do I and my family do on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis?
• Do I want one pram that will last my baby until 4 years or do I need several different ones for different activities/circumstances?
• What type of environment do I live in?
• Am I planning to have more children?
• Do you want to use your pram to accommodate your baby capsule/carrier?

Comfort and Security
• How important is it for me to have my infant in a bassinet and/or facing me?
• How much time do I expect my baby will spend in his or her pram?
• Do I expect my baby to sleep in their pram?
• What kind of accessories do I need to keep my baby comfortable?

Ease of use
• How much weight can I lift in and out of the car or up and down stairs?
• Do I ever use public transport?

Thirdly, check out it’s function …

Once you decide what type of pram you need and are looking at specific models you need to find the answer to the following questions.

• Does it meet Australian safety standards?
• Is it suitable for your baby’s age?
• How easy is it to fold?
• What is its weight and fold size?
• How much storage does it have?
• How good is the sun protection?
• How easy is it to keep clean?
• Will it fit through a standard doorway or supermarket checkout?
• Is the chassis sturdy and components well made?
• How easy are the features to learn and use?
• Can it tip when empty?
• How do the brakes work?
• Does it come with a comprehensive warranty?
• Do I have to pay extras for things I need such as rain covers and sunshades?

Finally, follow the Made 4 Baby Pram Buying Rules …

1. Do your research first
Once you know what type of pram you need have a look at the specifications of each suitable pram and narrow it down to a few options.

2. Get some shop assistance
Go to your local baby store and ask the sales staff to demonstrate the prams you are considering. Get them to show you how all the features work. A good sales person will spend time with you going through your options. If you can’t get that assistance go somewhere else.

3. Give it a go yourself
Wheel your choices around the shop, open and close them, try all the different features and check the accessories. Some shops will have baby dolls you can use to get a real feel for the pram or stroller.

4. Shop around
Once you have chosen your pram shop around on the internet or keep an eye out for it on sale. You can make big savings.



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