My Business Mama's Journey - Part 2



My journey with Business Mamas has now begun.  I hope this journey is one that I will love. If you are contemplating starting your own Business Mamas journey then I hope you will find these posts useful.
A few weeks ago I received my thoughtful welcome pack as seen in Part 1, which included a pink folder, pink pen, highlighter and post it notes … all the essentials!

So I had everything I needed to start 2 weeks ago.   The day before my I had my first phone call another package arrived in the post.  It was the book ‘Small Business for Dummies’ – with a cute note saying I wasn’t a dummie.  Just another nice little touch receiving something else in the mail.  It really does feel like Business Mamas are taking me on a journey!

I then had my introductory phone call with Maree who is my Business Angel.  Maree was lovely and very helpful and it is great to know you have someone you can ask for help along the way.  Maree took me through the online learning portal step by step and showed me how easy it is to complete the tasks and send any tasks and assignments to Business Mamas for revision.

The first few tasks involved a personality test and some short questions and answers to find out my learning style, business goals and what I am hoping to achieve with the business diploma.  I have placed a link below that will direct you to the Personality Test.  In case you are interested I am a MEDIATOR. I tried to change my answers around (still answering honestly) to complete the test 3 times hoping for a different answer.  I was hoping for COMMANDER or ENTREPRENEUR but all 3 times I was a MEDIATOR!   Whilst I think we cannot really be completely boxed into set personalities all of the time, it is actually helpful to know how you function.  Especially when it comes to learning and how you process information … not to mention running your own business!

I had my second ‘Power Chat’ phone catch up with Maree this week and now my next step will be to tackle one of the major assignments … wish me luck!

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See you soon for Part 3…
Business Mama Wannabe

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